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The Word Is Our Defense

The enemy doesn’t want you to experience anything remotely good. His goal is to oppress you with whatever he can so that you can never see the fruit of a free life.

His demise has been a constant reminder of how he will never experience God’s redemptive grace and mercy. His one act of rebellion got him cast out forever and yet our continuous failures have given us an invitation to run back to God with hopes of never falling again with an additional promise of erasing our transgressions.

Therefore in order for his attack to be effective he must have leverage and the only way we can overcome that is by the word of God. The enemy knows that if you do not have a clear interpretation of word he has better grounds, a better tactic against you and your mind. Therefore we must become students of Gods word. It is our defense. Once you have it hidden no one can ever take it away, and that is the reassurance of a renewed mind.

“Bible memorization has the effect of making our gaze on Jesus steadier and clearer.”

John Piper

So it is imperative that we find ourselves in the midst of worship, prayer and devotion when you are seeking to overcome anything that has been thrown against us. It is necessary to our growth and development in Christ that fight with the word, we fight in prayer and take a stance of war not defeat.


Written By:

Stetson Washington is a prolific writer and blogger for and serves faithful in leadership at Time Of Celebration Ministries Church in Houston, TX

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